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Growing a Business

A centuries-old olive tree in Puglia.

Four months into our nuova storia, we’re knee deep in the business start-up world. Ever since we acquired our olive grove and tasted its olive oil all those years ago, we knew we wanted to find a way to bring it to the U.S. (other than in our suitcases). Now, seventeen years later, we’re launching Pascarosa, an extra virgin olive oil club that furnishes members with four annual deliveries of genuine, organic extra virgin olive oil made only from Italian olives, milled down the road from where they grow.

Pascarsoa debuts this January with organic extra virgin olive oil from the 2012 harvest—an intensely fruity, freshly milled olive oil that will leave you speechless. We will also include another extra virgin olive oil that represents a different flavor palate, providing a range of styles to sample to build your knowledge.

Our Pascarosa website will offer a wealth of information about the oils: stories about the farmers and the frantoiano (olive miller), chemical analyses and proof of European Union organic certification, health information about olive oil and tips about how to recognize quality. We’ll also share recipes that we’ve developed over the years, recipes that are especially appropriate for the varieties of olive oil we’re offering.

We would have loved to participate in a club like this when we lived in the U.S. Knowing that someone we trusted had investigated small farms and olive oil mills in one of the best olive-producing regions in the world, then selected the best and sent them to us on a regular basis would have been heaven. We hope you think so, too.

We’ll keep you posted on our progress as we package, ship and launch the Pascarosa website in the coming months. Your comments along the way will be invaluable, too. Please do stay in touch!

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  1. Franny Faris #

    Can’t wait for this! So happy and proud for you guys!

    November 23, 2012
  2. Jim & Paula Faris #

    Please sign us up for the first shipment. How do we pay you? James & Paula Faris, 413 Western Drive #14, Santa Cruz, CA, USA We want it now! signed Impatient

    December 7, 2012
    • We promise you will be the first to know when Pascarosa olive oil lands in the U.S.! Stay tuned . . .

      December 7, 2012
  3. Leslie Faris #

    Me too, me too Catherine! I am thrilled for you guys and look forward to organic olive oil made locally! Local to you anyways 🙂

    December 8, 2012
    • Hi, Leslie. Thanks for the vote of confidence! You will absolutely love this oil. It’s full of the anti-oxidants/anti-inflammatories that great olive oil should have and it tastes amazing. And it’s definitely local: the olives are pressed about a kilometer away from the grove by people we’ve known for years. We will keep you up to date on shipping and let you know when the oil is in the U.S. We hope you and yours are well (and staying dry!). Take care, and thanks for the note.

      December 9, 2012
  4. Valerie Faris #

    Put us on the list too. Love the blog. Almost as good as being there. Keep up the great work so we can enjoy it all vicariously.

    XOXO Valerie and family

    December 9, 2012
    • Thanks, Valerie. It has been great to be here during the harvest and into the winter. The rhythm changes completely and we feel so much more connected as a result. I know you’ll love the oil. We’ll keep you posted on our progress as we get closer to the first shipment. Hope you’re all well!

      December 9, 2012
  5. Shari Nolan-Faris #

    The Northern California Faris’ are all in as well. Really great concept. Looking forward to seeing everything unfold and hope you keep sharing your experiences.

    December 17, 2012
    • Thank you, Shari. So great to hear from you. Did you just have a wedding in the family? I think I saw some photographic evidence . . . Have a wonderful Christmas and a healthy, happy New Year.

      December 22, 2012
  6. Andrew J Crowell #

    Hi Faris family!

    Jim sent me a link to this blog and my fiancée, Cristina, and I are very interested in joining the club. Let me know when the grove is open for a tour, too…

    December 26, 2012
    • Hi, Andrew! So great that you’re interested in extra virgin olive oil and our venture. We expect the oil to be in the U.S. in February and will be sure to let you know when our website is live (any day now . . .). We are so excited about the quality of the organic oil that we’re bringing and think you are going to love it. Thanks so much for expressing interest. We will stay in touch as we get closer to our launch date.

      December 26, 2012
  7. Susan Crowell #

    Sounds wonderful! Please include us on your list of future customers! I use gallons of olive oil!

    December 31, 2012
    • I would love to include you and will make sure that you are among the first to know when we go live with our website. And I’d love for you to apply your marketing brain to our website and give it a look during its beta stage. I thoroughly admire your taste and style and would love to know what you think before we go prime time. Thanks so much for your enthusiastic support!

      January 7, 2013
  8. Hi Catherine, think this is a great idea and would love to talk to you about it – couldn’t find any contact details for you but mine are on my blog so do please get in touch…

    February 14, 2013
    • How terrific to hear from a fellow Puglia resident! I will get in touch with you through your blog and am looking forward to hearing about what you’re up to. Thanks so much for the comment.

      February 15, 2013

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