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I Cenoni

Logging yet more hours at the holiday table.

Logging yet more hours at the holiday table.

We are knee deep in serious holiday eating. Ever since December 8th (the Feast of the Immacolata), occasions to dive deeply into Pugliese seasonal specialties have piled up relentlessly. We are helpless to resist, if only for research purposes. From table to table, festival to festival and market to market, we are cutting a wide swathe through the culinary repertoire here, with little left untasted. We know that the worst will be over after the last pettola (fritter) is consumed on New Year’s Day, but our energy is starting to flag in direct proportion to the tightness of our belts. Read more


Lightening the Load

The few cookbooks that survived the purge before our move to Italy.

The few cookbooks that survived the purge before our move to Italy.

Once we decided to move to Italy, we started to feel lighter right away. Our attachment to our things—bicycles, pottery, tools and other ephemera—just started to seem a little less desperate. We knew we would store the practical essentials and the few sentimental objects too meaningful to cut loose, but the rest? We devised a series of sloughing-off measures involving craigslist, eBay, a particularly robust garage sale and Powell’s Books in Portland, Oregon. Powell’s became an indispensable partner because our single biggest category of stuff lovingly amassed over time is books. Books on bicycling, Italy, travel memoirs, sailing, architecture, building, organic gardening, art, mysteries and more. Books in English and Italian, books about alternative energy sources and books that provide lists of other books. But most of all, we owned books about food. Shelves and shelves and shelves of them. Read more

Sunday Sugo in Martina Franca

Soffrito–the first step in making a memorable sugo di carne.

We don’t need a clock or a calendar in Martina Franca. Every day has a rhythm of its own, punctuated by any number of church bells and the ebb and flow of human activity down the street in Piazza Roma. The bells chime the hour first, followed by one, two or three bongs for the fifteen-minute intervals in between. Days are differentiated by the presence or absence of saints’ days and festivals. And through it all, an absolute, profound silence descends at midday—l’ora di pranzo or lunchtime—broken only by the tinkle of silverware encountering plates at tables everywhere. Read more

A Hot Pasta for a Cold Day

The best cold weather warm-up pasta I know . . . fast, easy and deeply satisfying.

The weather is changing in Martina Franca. While we’re not swimming in flood waters like the unfortunate residents of Venice, our skies are grey and the wind is whipping down our cavernous city streets, prompting a spontaneous show of woolly scarves and winter coats. There’s only one thing to do: make pasta. Read more

Brilliant Autumn

An abandoned trullo below blue autumn skies.

An abandoned trullo beneath blue autumn skies.

We can’t help but feel we’re living on borrowed time. We’re told that today’s brilliant blue skies and bright sun aren’t at all normal. We should be shrouded in misty grey punctuated by rain showers at this time of year, hurrying to bring in the olive harvest while navigating muddy fields and slippery roads. Read more

A Tavola

Wherever you are in Italy, dinner is always a group activity.

It turns out that Italian food is anything but Italian. It is, instead, deeply regional. Unlike most of its European neighbors, Italy was somewhat late to the game of national unification, becoming Italy more or less as we know it today in 1861. Before then, it was divided into many reigns and republics, each with its own administration, currency, language and history. Even now, traditions, dialects and accents, natural and architectural landscapes and, of course, foodways vary greatly from region to region. Read more

Autumn Arrives in Martina Franca

The first autumn vegetables make their debut in the markets.

We’re on the cusp of autumn here in Martina Franca. The signs are everywhere: shorter days, a snap in the air and impromptu rainy spells that thwart my best-laid alfresco clothes-drying plans. Tomatoes are still available in the market, but they’re considerably more acidic than their late summer predecessors. Prudent cooks have already preserved summer’s tomato harvest to last throughout the winter, but pomodori da pendola, small, thicker-skinned tomatoes still clinging to the vine are hung in cellars here to extend the fresh tomato experience as long as possible. Improbably, they’ll stay fresh and full of flavor well into January. And the last wild oregano is gathered in bunches to preserve it all winter long, but the gorgeous nectarines are long gone. Read more

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